Data Editor - Creating A Hero

Tutorial by Slayer4000X2008

Here is a simple guide to help you in creating your own hero for your SC2 map.

First make sure your settings look like this

For this guide I will be turning to Protoss phoenix into a hero.

First you will want to create a new unit to transform into your hero, or just edit one that already exists. To keep things simple I will be editing the one already made.

First you must open 'Object Properties', then change the object type from unit to hero.

Now the unit will have the hero icon in-game, but it won't have levels. Well that's easy to fix.

Change the 'Data Type' to 'Behaviors'. Then right click and select add object. The only part that is required is that the 'Behavior Type' is changed to 'Veterancy'.

Now you need edit the data of the behavior, this part is very basic. Double click the blank section for 'Veterancy Levels'.

Now click the little green X at the top right.

Each number in the index is a level, so if you want your hero to start at level one don't make any changes and just click the X again. Then you need to edit the 'Minimum Experience' for each level, when your hero's experience reaches this number it will no longer be at that level and goes up to the next.

In this image it shows the data for a four level hero (the minimum experience can be made to whatever you want).

We are almost done making our hero, now we need to go back to the 'Unit' 'Data Type'.

Now select the unit you want to make a hero. Double click the behaviors field like we did with veterancy levels. Click the green X again and choose the behavior you just created. And your done you have created your new hero.

P.S. I will be making changes to this later so people may edit their hero's further. Also I hope you did not need images in that final portion, if at least five people request I add some in then I will.
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